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Job Detail

HR Manager

Job Description

Main activities:

  • Oversee HR budget
  • Negotiation with Labour Unions and service union contracts
  • Supervising and responsibility of HR matters
  • To retain employee welfare, moral and motivation
  • Recruitment
  • Succession planning
  • Performance evaluations
  • Community relationship support
  • Observe and work according to all GSPP and farm protocols
  •  Any other activities assigned by any of the Senior Management


Details Tasks

  • To plan yearly budget for training, budget for employee replacements and vacancies, and propose salary adjustments based on inflation and performance to the General Manager.
  •  Negotiate with labour union new terms in the collective bargaining agreement. Discuss feedback with Financial Controller and calculate the financial impacted of the demands. Provide feedback and recommendations to General Manager. Give feedback to respective Labour unions and ensure that mutual agreement is reached.
  • Overall supervising and responsibility of HR matters as disciplinary hearings, re-presenting the company at CMA and High Labour Court, ensuring good relations with NHIF, training & studies, monthly input data for payroll process,
  • To create good relationship between employee and employer by assisting on their problems and advice/ counseling/ moral motivation (behavior) and develop safety standards and practices and to make sure that these standards are adhered.
  • To help organize job interviews, attend the interviews when necessary, give feedback to the applicant and provide contract, orientation for new employee(s). Help on boarding new employees and follow up probation period, work performance and one (1) year contract. To make sure all new employees are registered in the IBMS and other system like facial recognition and finger print.
  •  Prepare proposals for possible replacement of personnel on long term basis. Ensure that there is clear cut on possible training programs for successful succession.
  • To organize yearly evaluations and prepare a summary for management.  Assist accounts with the yearly salary increments letter for employees if applicable.
  • Maintain relationship between Company and surrounding societies. Help the company to respond to the emergencies and community needs as they arise. Propose other possible investments useful for the community itself.
  • Work according to GSPP and farm protocols. Propose protocol changes if applicable. Observe health & safety protocols.

Qualification ;

• University degree / masters holder as an advantage 
• 6 years experience in human resources
• Literacy in computer
• Knowledge of labor law
• Attention to detail
• Maintains confidentiality


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