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Territorial Human Resources Officer

Job Description

Job title: Territorial Human Resources Officer

Job relationship:

Reports to the Office of the Territorial Commander through the Office of the Chief Secretary

Job Purpose: 


To organise and implement policies related to Human Resources Management and Administration including employees recruitment, selection, promotion, compensation, remuneration, performance appraisal, industrial relations, conduct employees training, orientation and placement, implementing human resources policies and procedures, handling of registry, cleanliness and transportation of employee files with a view of achieving organization objectives.


Duties and Responsibilities


  • Prepare annual plan and budgets for HR section through consolidation of section plans and budget for onward submission to the Finance Department.
  • Correctly interprets Human Resources policies and guidelines to both the organization and employees with the view to harnessing standardised compliance to the same and minimising conflicts or deviations for improved performance.
  • Maintain and review employee records including pensions, promotions, transfers and terminations using updated data for planning and decision making.
  • Conduct employee recruitment and selection processes by sending invitations to various agencies and centres in order to meet organization goals.
  • Conduct all new employee orientations to foster a standing and positive attitude towards the organization through insurance of TSA working tools such as TSA Act and other legal documents in view of increasing awareness and performance of employee.
  • Issue notices for employees terminating services with employer and conduct a personal exit interview to determine reasons for termination and providing reference to their letters of termination for future personnel record of the organisation.
  • Attend to employee’s grievances in order to maintain good working relations by solving queries where possible in a view of maintaining harmony in the organization.
  • Plan, organise and control provision of medical facilities by making sure that staff are treated at recognised hospitals which entered into an AGREEMENT with the TSA with an exception of referrals/ or emergence treatment with a view to maintain staff health and control abuse of this privilege.
  • Plan and organize procurement of security services within the office by initiating process of acquiring such services with a view to protect the offices from vandalism.
  • Plan and organize transport facilities by monitory movements of motor vehicles in liaising with office supervisor and departmental heads with a view to keep track of motor vehicle movements
  • Liaise with the legal advocates assigned by the General’s office for issues relating to court cases and attend the same, keeping the Chief Secretary apprised at all times.
  • Plan and organize proper handling of the Registry by providing relevant furniture for safe custody of files and other relevant documents and coding the same accordingly with a view to safeguard, upkeep and provide easy retrieval of documents for office use.
  • Coordinate and control the cleaning of the office buildings equipment and surroundings by providing relevant tools for use in sweeping, mopping, polishing floors, gardening and disposal of litter in order to maintain cleanliness of the office building, equipment and surroundings.
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual reports by consolidating HR section report in for onward submission to the Chief Secretary’s office.
  • To coordinate training efforts and monitor training needs for the entire TSA, in cooperation with Department Heads.
  • To evaluate training programmes and their effectiveness to the needs of TSA, in cooperation with Department Heads.
  • To implement disciplinary procedures using relevant HR standards in the United Republic of Tanzania.
  • Prepare, maintain and safeguard employment records related to events such as hiring, termination, leaves, transfers and promotions using the human resources management best practices.
  • Perform such other related duties as may be assigned by the Chief Secretary from time to time.





Qualifications and Experience


  • Form six (VI) with pass or equivalent.
  • Must be a holder of a Master’s degree level in either in Human Resources Management, Public Administration or Business Administration, majoring in Human Resources Management from a recognized institution.
  • Working experience up to seven (7) years in a relevant field, of which three (3) years must be in a managerial position in an organization is preferred.
  • Must be computer literate and fluent in English and Kiswahili language.


Personal Attributes


The candidate should be able to work diligently during and after office hours, promote team work, possess good communication skills, be able to meet deadlines, be customer focused, reliable, confident, remain transparent without breaching confidentiality, be culturally sensitive to other nationalities, remain loyal to the spirit and mission of The Salvation Army both at work and during leisure time.




The post carries attractive remunerations package in accordance with the organization’s salary scale.

Salary Scale: to be determined; per monthly basis


Included within the salary are the following benefits:

  •  House allowance equivalent to 30,000 of the basic salary
  •  Transport allowance equivalent to 10,000 of the basic salary


Communication allowance equivalent to 50,000 per month


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