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Job Detail


Job Description



Job Summary:

To provide IT support by Mobile Application Development, Reports, Dashboards roll-out and maintenance.

Key Responsibilities and Deliverables:

Ensure execution of IT strategy into action

  • Understand the IT strategy in detail
  • Execute the agreed plan
  • Periodically update management on the changes made to IT strategy
  • Run Operational analytics for client
  • Head and manage all IT requirements for the clients and team

Delivery of IT solution and set-up of IT infrastructure for new business set-up and start-up

  • Understand the Business requirement with the Country head/ Operation or Business unit head.
  • Finalize scope document with the country head
  • Set-up of IT infrastructure
  • Development of IT application, testing and roll-out
  • Monitor the functioning of the IT application
  • Maintenance and upkeep solution for assets

Provide IT Support for day to day operations

  • Periodically monitor the security of IT systems in the company
  • Timely report download from the system
  • Tracking log-in and movement of team throughout the day
  • Provide remote/ on-site support, lease and co-ordinate with local contact to resolve issues
  • Training of all employees on how to use the IT application
  • Prepare and update system documentation and reports
  • Prepare standard trouble shooting guide for recurring problems
  • Maintain monthly dashboard and provide necessary information to the management
  • Store master and call cycle management including uploading

Provide innovative IT solutions as per the changing business needs and Technological changes

  • Understand the new business requirement
  • Prepare a network plan on proposed changes
  • Redesign the application as per the requirement
  • Conduct a pilot test before rolling out the new version
  • Prepare a communication deck for the changes done

Ensure 0% downtime across the country

  • Proactively identify the possible breakdown/ issues
  • Delivering support to existing business users; investigating and resolving application data errors, data discrepancies and queries

Performing any other duties as may be assigned from time to time


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Graduate with Bachelor of engineering (B.E.) in IT or computer science. Post Graduation Diploma course (DAC) Diploma in Advance Computing.
  • 2-3yrs of experience in application development and trouble shooting and Project Management.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Programming skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • General Business Skills
  • Planning and Management Skills
  • Application Development
  • Independently develop IT applications
  • Able to troubleshoot hardware problems

Key Competencies

Critical Competencies:

  • Structuring Tasks
  • Evaluating Problems
  • Investigating Issues
  • Communicating Information
  • Processing Details
  • Adjusting to Change

Important Competencies:

  • Creating Innovation
  • Showing Resilience
  • Giving Support
  • Building Relationships


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